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New Vènis

New Vènis

Posted on 11/26/2018

We are pleased to announce the introduction of the new Vènis De Stefani 2018. It is made from a blend of 65% of Sauvignon Blanc grapes and 35% of Chardonnay grapes. Both these grape varieties are organically and biodynamically grown in our vineyards located in the coastal area lying between the Adriatic Sea and the Dolomites mountain range.

The influence of the sea breeze softens the severity of the summer heat, while the cool winds blowing from the mountains lower the temperatures at night, generating greater diurnal shifts that preserve the acidity of the grapes and make them to retain all their freshness and fragrance.

The creation of the new Vènis de Stefani represents our strong commitment to maintain consistent the high standard of the wines we produce and denotes our great effort to offer products of top quality to our consumers.

The production of Vitàlys De Stefani will be suspended. The Chardonnay grapes from which we had previously obtained this wine will be used to enrich the body and the character of the new Vènis De Stefani. The Sauvignon Blanc, part of the new Vènis De Stefani, has been refined on its lees in cement tanks in order to impart to the wine the intense aromatic flavour typical of this grape variety. The Chardonnay part has been aged in small French oak barrels that will strengthen the structure while giving roundness and smoothness to the wine.

Vènis De Stefani 2018 will display an intense exotic aroma with a strong personality and a refined elegance. Its well-balanced acidity and harmonious characteristics will make this wine perfectly suitable for pasta with clams, grilled sea bass, fried squids and wild salmon.

The new Vènis De Stefani will bring Venice into your glass and will fill up your heart with the romantic spirit of one of the most beautiful places on earth …