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Prosecco Gold Millesimato

De Stefani presents the Prosecco Gold Millesimato 2013, the new jewel of Prosecco. Is it a new wine? “Yes, Prosecco Gold Millesimato was born to offer you the highest quality of Prosecco with a careful selection of the ripest and most golden grapes, hence the name Gold. These grapes have a very intense and concentrated aroma” affirms Alessandro De Stefani, “We propose a Millesimato, to valorize the distinction of a single vintage and Extra Dry, the version that most enhances the typical features of the Prosecco cultivation.”

How is the packaging of the Prosecco Gold?
“It has on a seductive bright golden dress as the bunches of Glera grapes from which it originates.
It is a luxurious and eye-catching bottle, ideal for whom in addition to a fine palate also has a keen eye."

What is the profile of the Prosecco Gold?
“It presents a fine perlage and a rich foam. The olfactory atmosphere is intriguing and wraps around the nose with aromas of acacia flowers and apple. At the taste it is harmonious, fresh and elegantly soft.”

Which food matching recommend?
“”Excellent as an aperitif, with a plateau of sushi and sashimi, with calamari and shrimp tempura and with lobster with potato salad. Perfect with desserts and in any occasion that requires a toast."