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Upgrade Sparkling wines

“We wanted  to upgrade the De Stefani Sparkling wines emphasizing the features of the single vintage (in Italian called “millesimo") and selecting the best grapes " said Alessandro De Stefani, who by now proposes the sparkling wines: Prosecco Zero Millesimato, Prosecco Brut Millesimato and Rosè Zero Millesimato.

What does Spumante Millesimato mean?
"The term Millesimato indicates that the sparkling wine is produced with wines obtained from grapes of a single harvest, vintage, in this case called "millesimo". Inherently it also means that those grapes are of particular value and the wine is worth to be bottled without assembling with other vintages.”

And what does the world “millesimato” mean in the Prosecco world?
“The term Millesimato always indicates that the sparkling wine is produced with wines obtained  from grapes of a single harvest, but also that you are using the best grapes of the estate, selecting them scrupulously. The wine can not be "corrected” by blending with other wines of different vintages, so the only possibility is to use selected grapes of the highest quality and this implies more work, both in the vineyard and in the winery. Therefore the Millesimato has selected features that ensure excellent quality.”
Should always be written the year of the harvest of the grapes in the Millesimato?
"Yes, always. Millesimo means vintage and it also transmits transparency and clearness toward the consumer."