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Grapes: Merlot
Historical Notes: "Plavis" is the Latin word of the Piave River, which flows entirely in the Veneto. It is known as the "River Sacred to the Country", since it was a theatre of war during the First World War for a year, between November 1917 and November 1918. Plavis Merlot is our tribute to the river Piave, along which two decisive battles were fought: the first to stop the advance of the Austro-Hungarian, after the rout of the front of Caporetto, the second to recapture the lost ground, crossing the river and the glorious march towards Vittorio Veneto of the Italian troops and British X Army Corp.
Alcohol content: 12,5-14,5% by vol. (it depends on the vintage)
Tasting Characteristics: intense ruby colour, ripe red fruit bouquet, full body, smooth, with the right level of tannins and pleasant wild fruit notes.
Food Matching: it accompanies very well tasty first courses, boiled and white meat.