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The De Stefani family originates in Refrontolo, a little hilly village in Veneto Italy, as results in official documents of 1624.

In the second half of 1800 Valeriano De Stefani, the founder, individualized the best soil where to produce wines with rare personality in the Colvendrame estate in Refrontolo, on the hills between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, north of Venice, a UNESCO Wold Heritage site.

His son Valeriano, second generation, inspired by his careful wife Angelina, began the tradition which the De Stefanis have always adhered: total devotion to quality with no compromise.

Tiziano, third generation, went till the Piave Valley identifying in the Pra' Longo estate in Monastier di Treviso and in the Le Ronche estate in Fossalta di Piave, both north-east of Venice and located near the Adriatic sea and the Dolomites Alps mountains, a particularly suitable soil made of “caranto”: a mix of white clay and minerals from the Dolomites mountains. Respecting the ancient tradition of the family, he brought important innovations in vineyard management and the vinification.

Today Alessandro De Stefani, fourth generation, produces wines under a very natural philosophy, from old and with very high density vineyards. Turning native varieties into better account, he developed a world distribution network, with an annual production limited to 400.000 bottles from 150 acres of vineyard and with wines recommended in the most important Guides.

Tiziano and Alessandro (who today is helped by his wife Chiara) are still the winemakers of the company and they sign any single bottle released by their winery.

Refrontolo, vintage 1939 - De Stefani family
Tiziano De Stefani, third generation, is below the first on the left.

Stèfen 1624 - Our family wine
Stèfen is the ancient surname of the De Stefani family, as written in old documents dated 1624 found in Refrontolo.

Alessandro and Chiara De Stefani