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 The De Stefani family has been producing wines in the Veneto region in Italy for five generations. The "Redentore" wines are obtained with the philosophy that characterizes the way we operate: organic and biodynamic principles in viticulture, energy produced with solar panels, vegan principles, vinification with indigenous yeasts and no sulphites added.

The grapes come from vineyards of the Piave valley and the Conegliano Valdobbiadene hills, a Unesco World Heritage site, north of Venice. The climate, warm during the day and cool at night, the soil rich in clay and minerality, the proximity to the Adriatic Sea and to the Dolomites mountains (Alps) are key factors to offer fruity and fresh wines, with great personality.

Redentore means redeemer: freedom from the plague that struck Venice between 1575 and 1577. It evokes one of the most traditional festivals, the Redentore Festival. Every third weekend in July the Venetians celebrate deliverance from the plague with a spectacular fireworks display and sumptuous dinners as the San Marco harbour fills with boats.