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Redentore 888

Redentore 888 is the maximum expression of naturality: biologic principles, vegan and without sulphites. The number 888 has a double meaning. In the Western numerology symbolizes the “Redentore”, the Redeemer, whereas in the Oriental one means triple luck. It presents a fine perlage and delicate fruity scents, that marry deliciously with its light, creamy and elegant taste. It is ideal in any occasion to toast and with fish dishes. We suggest to serve at 5-6°C.

Alcohol content
11% by vol.
Tasting Characteristics
intense straw yellow colour. At the nose, it has an elegant fruity aroma, with nuts and toasted almonds hints. At the taste, it is elegant and fresh, with an excellent balanced minerality.
Food Matching
ideal with elegant starters, soups, vegetables risotto and grilled fish.