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Wines as Mother Nature creates!

The De Stefani family has decided to make wines dedicated to Mother Nature as it reflects the values we believe in: genuineness, return to the origins, respect for the environment and care of the consumer.

Naturalmente means in a natural way or naturally because only natural procedures are used. We propose three wines: Naturalmente Prosecco col fondo, Naturalmente Orange obtained from Pinot grigio grapes and Naturalmente Rosso obtained from Merlot and the native Raboso grapes.

We enter in the category of orange wineswith a long skin contact during and after fermentation on white wines, but also in the reds. In this way the skin donates to the juice the substances that were naturally created in the grapes during ripening. 

Grapes are obtained with organic and biodynamic principles. They are not manipulated at all in the winery and we only use indigenous yeasts, coming from our vineyards, not buying commercial selected yeasts. In this way we have more connection to our territory and the wines show better our terroir characteristics.

At last the wines have a low level of sulfites and are not filtered when bottled, to keep all their flavors and taste!