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  • Harvest 2021

    “Quality is the keyword of the 2021 vintage, in a context for the protection and safeguarding of communities and the environment”, declares the producer Alessandro De Stefani. After an autumn and a winter characterized by normal temperatures and good rainfall, the anomalous and cool spring led to below average temperatures in April and a very rainy month of May. With these factors, budding an [...]

  • Harvest 2020

    “The vintage 2020 shows up with grapes of an excellent quality, supported by an ideal climatic season. We believe it will be remembered as one of the best vintages of this century”, declares the producer Alessandro De Stefani.  After the restoration of the soil water reserves due to heavy rainfall in November and December 2019, the months of January and February were very mild and with l [...]

  • Harvest 2019

    “Harvest 2019 has given us a production of excellent wines, even if the quantity was lower than what was expected”, affirms with satisfaction Alessandro De Stefani.Winter had the minimum temperatures slightly higher than normal, about 2°C, whereas precipitations were lower than average. Moreover after mild March and April, in May there was a big hit of Siberian cold, abundant rains and wide t [...]

  • Harvest 2018

    “The Golden Harvest”, says satisfied Alessandro De Stefani. All this thanks to a favorable weather trend, the excellent vegetative and phytosanitary state of the grapes and the reduced quantity produced in the previous year with the consequent energy charge available to the plants of this year.After a January with temperatures above the norm, February and March saw the thermometers drop below [...]

  • Harvest 2017

    “It is time to make an analisys in the De Stefani Winery and one thing is almost sure: the quality of the harvest 2017 is excellent!” affirms satisfied Alessandro De Stefani. In the vintage 2017 the variable weather trend has been the main protagonist. After a dry winter and start of spring, between the end of April and the beginning of May came the opportune rains. Meanwhile in April a wave [...]

  • Harvest 2016

    “The Vintage 2016, as well as the 2015, represents an excellence … one of the best of the last years!” says extremely satisfied Alessandro De Stefani. In the vintage 2016 we can clearly notice irregular climate events, that characterize the unpredictable weather. There is then the necessity to have a high level of flexibility in the company organisation. This vintage has been marked out wi [...]

  • Harvest 2015

    “The vintage 2015 represents the framework of a qualitatively perfect vintage, a stellar vintage!” says satisfied Alessandro De Stefani.Thanks to a rainy winter, the vines "woke up" in a mild spring, with a good supply of water.Budding was anticipated since last year, as well as the flowering began after the middle of May, which was followed by an excellent fruit set. The weather pattern chara [...]

  • Harvest 2014

    “The year 2014 was a hurdles race, full of hopes and reversals. A difficult year, anomalous, where the experience of us producers, the value of vineyards in terms of exposure and terroir, the drainage of the soil and the quantity of grapes produced per plant, will clearly make the difference." observes Alessandro De Stefani.A mild and rainy winter with a warm spring led to an early bud break, up [...]

  • Harvest 2013

    “Fairytale quality, enveloping aroma, the cellar is full of fragrance” satisfied of the vintage Alessandro De Stefani.This year the climate and meteor was unusual, but favorable to the vine, allowing a more rational growth cycle, with a maturity diluted over time which led to the development of richer and balanced berries.After a very mild autumn, the warmest of the last 25 years, the winter b [...]

  • Harvest 2012

    Lower yield and great quality! Healthy grapes, with outstanding sugar levels and good acidity. The winter has been particularly dry, not very cold, but enough long, so that the state of the vegetative growth occurred later than usual. In the Le Ronche and Pra ’Longo estates in the spring and in the summer occurred heat waves and droughts. The deep roots of our old vines able to find water and [...]

  • Harvest 2011

    Decrease in the quantity produced, but extraordinary quality of the grapes, these are the features of the 2011 vintage. The mild winter and the early start of the spring stimulated an early budding and all the subsequent phenological stages of the vines. In the Le Ronche and Pra’ Longo estates from April till June quite high temperatures and an extremely low quantity of rain have been recorded [...]

  • Harvest 2010

    A very interesting vintage – the oenologists Tiziano and Alessandro De Stefani says – rich of surprises in terms of scents and intensity of the aroma expressed by the wines.The very cold and rainy winter has slowed down the growth of the vegetation, then the phenological phases slipped ahead compared to the previous year.The spring has been characterized by a level of rain higher than the aver [...]

  • Harvest 2009

    Satisfaction at DE STEFANI: a favourable vintage which will bring wines which express at the best our territory, with a lower yield but with an extraordinary quality!After a December 2008 with a temperature much lower than the average of that period, followed a period in which the temperature was in line with the last years. The abundant water reserve, accumulated during one of the most rainy wint [...]

  • Harvest 2008

    After an early vintage like the last year, in the 2008 the vegetative calendar of the vines has come back to the normality.Passed a winter with characteristics on the average in terms of rain and temperature, the growing season of the vineyard has had a thrilling beginning, with heavy, constant and threatening rains. That was positive for the sprouting of the vines, period in which they need much [...]

  • Harvest 2007

    Vintage 2007 had been rather bizarre, since from the beginning to the end of the season in which vines vegetate, what is normally considered a normal situation in viticulture, was different from what really happened in the vineyards. In order to understand sprouting of the vines we have to consider how the winter was between 2006 and 2007. It was a "strange" winter, since temperatures were much h [...]