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“The Vintage 2016, as well as the 2015, represents an excellence … one of the best of the last years!” says extremely satisfied Alessandro De Stefani.

In the vintage 2016 we can clearly notice irregular climate events, that characterize the unpredictable weather. There is then the necessity to have a high level of flexibility in the company organisation.

This vintage has been marked out with heavy spring and early summer rains. This situation was very useful for the growing of the plants and for the water accumulation in the soils. On the other hand, when you work with biological and biodynamic principles, you have only few possibilities of phytosanitary defence, so you must secure the plants with a careful natural defence against dangerous diseases. The results were excellent and luckily, in the early summer, the vines were in perfect conditions.

The following phase was characterized by a dry summer and a significant temperature change between day and night. During the day the hot sun supported a perfect accumulation of sugars in the berries and an extremely good ripening of the polyphenols. The cool temperatures at night maintained the acids and the aromatic precursors of the grapes. All happened in an extremely positive conditions of the vineyards thanks also to the punctual shoot thinning and to the important handmade defoliation process operated on all the black grapes. We noticed an increased thickness of the skin, a better health profile of the grapes and a more precise ripening. Harvest 2016 started in the last days of August for the early ripening varieties, more or less 10 days later than last year. We harvested perfectly ripe and healthy grapes, with consistent and thick skins, precondition for a great quality.

White wines reveal significant aromatic flavours with an interesting floral bouquet, high intensity and a strong acidity.

Prosecco presents a precious malic freshness, with sensations of green apple, crunchy pulp and white flowers.

Red wines have brilliant, deep and impenetrable colour with a decisive olfactory impact that in the future will give life to wide tertiary scents, complex and intriguing.

Harvest 2016 ended with the assurance that it has been one of the best ever brought in the winery!

Video Harvest 2016