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“The Golden Harvest”, says satisfied Alessandro De Stefani. All this thanks to a favorable weather trend, the excellent vegetative and phytosanitary state of the grapes and the reduced quantity produced in the previous year with the consequent energy charge available to the plants of this year.

After a January with temperatures above the norm, February and March saw the thermometers drop below the averages of the period. Providentially, the abundant rainfall (+16%) has improved the state of the aquifers depleted by the great drought of 2017. The climatic spring has made itself wait, in fact the lowest temperatures of March and until the half of April have delayed the sprouting of the vine by 12-13 days compared to 2017, but the precipitations of May and the high temperatures have favoured the phenological recovery and the flowering was earlier than 3-4 days. Thanks to the favorable climate of the last months preceding the harvest, the vegetative state of the grapes was excellent. In this extraordinarily hot summer, the grape harvest could not be just as exceptional. The grapes were ripe, healthy and abundant and have reached the right development of the sugar content and of the acid and aromatic framework. We recorded an increase in production of about 10% compared to the average of the five previous harvests.

I am very satisfied with the vegetative-productive balance achieved in our vineyards. The organic practices and biodynamic principles adopted in the vineyard are certainly producing excellent resultssays the producer Alessandro De Stefani. The absence of chemistry in the vineyard, the improvement of the vitality of the soil and the purity of the air, together with all the eco-sustainable practices adopted, have allowed the vines to have a perfect strength and balance. All this, combined with the magnificent climatic conditions of the summer season, have led to a very abundant productive charge and a wonderful quality of the grapes.

The Prosecco and Rosé are very balanced, rich in primary aromas and with considerable freshness. In fact, they have benefited from adequate temperature variations between day and night, which are fundamental for the fragrance, freshness and aromatic richness.

In white wines we observe a good ratio between sugar content and acidity, which is an important prerequisite for obtaining fresh and mineral white wines. They are rich in fruity aromas, with inebriating aromas of ripe fruit, characterized by a great gustatory pleasure and organoleptic character.

The red wines present a beautiful color with an excellent polyphenolic material. They have good qualities of freshness, vivacity and typicality, with pleasant notes of red fruits. The conditions are also optimal for the grapes intended for drying, with healthy bunches of adequate size, thick and crisp skin. A strong point for wines destined for long aging in barrique! 

The 2018 harvest is a golden vintage!