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Harvest 2010

A very interesting vintage – the oenologists Tiziano and Alessandro De Stefani says – rich of surprises in terms of scents and intensity of the aroma expressed by the wines.

The very cold and rainy winter has slowed down the growth of the vegetation, then the phenological phases slipped ahead compared to the previous year.
The spring has been characterized by a level of rain higher than the average of the season, a very relevant factor for the accumulation of water reserve in the soil.
The nice weather has arrived in the summer months, reaching sunny days and especially marked by a wide change of temperature between day and night, already important in August that has been reflected in a slower ripening, exalting the rich aroma and the freshness of the grapes.

Colvendrame Estate - Refrontolo
The previous cold winter and the postponed start of the spring vegetation balanced phenological rhythms bringing to the first week of September, as tradition remembers, the beginning of the harvest, with a following highlighting of the territory over the quality of the grapes. Several rains in September made the ripening of late red grapes difficult, committing very much the work of our workers in the vineyards.

The harvests of the cru, wines obtained from a single vineyard,
had the following dates:

- Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes for the Tombola di Pin were harvested the 2nd of September;
- Sauvignon and Tocai grapes for the Olmera were harvested the 15th of September;
- Refosco grapes for the Kreda the 24th of September;
- Refosco, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes for the Terre Nobili were picked respectively the 24th of September, the 3rd of October and the 2nd of October;
- Marzemino grapes for the Stèfen 1624 and for the Refrontolo Passito were harvested the 27th and the 28th of September;
- for the Malanotte the 13th of October we picked Raboso Piave grapes for the drying process and the 27th of October we harvested Raboso Piave grapes for immediate vinification.

Vintage 2010 is forseen very interesting in terms of quality for white wines, whereas for the red wines time will unveal if the reserve wines which are ageing in the oak barrels will reach the peaks of excellence which we aspire to.

Wine tasting with passionate customers in Refrontolo

White and sparkling wines carry a good acidity, freshness and a very fine bouquet, tank to the effects of the cold winter and to the right wide changes of temperatures between sunny days and cool nights.

Red wines seem to beo f a particolar elegance due to the long season, in which tannins of the grapes could totally offer their contribution, conveying opulence to the wine, in a triumph of pleasantness, balance and harmony.

A good quality vintage!

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