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“It is time to make an analisys in the De Stefani Winery and one thing is almost sure: the quality of the harvest 2017 is excellent!” affirms satisfied Alessandro De Stefani.

In the vintage 2017 the variable weather trend has been the main protagonist. After a dry winter and start of spring, between the end of April and the beginning of May came the opportune rains. Meanwhile in April a wave of frost crossed France, Spain and our country, “burning” a lot of shoots that had already grown and that consequently couldn’t be fruitful anymore. The damage due to the spring frost was then considerable and this lead to an important low yield of grapes.

The boiling summer 2017 facilitate the growth of the grapes: excellent health and therefore quality of the bunches, thanks also to the hot and sunny days, to the cooler nights and to some refreshing rains.

The harvest 2017 started on the last days of August with the early varieties, more or less one week earlier than last year. In September, during the break between the harvest of the white and the one of the red grapes, fell a lot of rain. The rains were timely to help those vineyards that started to be too dry. We registered a decrease in quantity of 45% compared to the previous year.

The vineyards reacted positively to the organic management that was carried out in an excellent way. They showed such a healthy balance of production and vitality that encourage us to go on in this natural direction. Without weed killers, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides, the plants developed a high immune protection. Therefore, their self-defense against fungus and parasites was enough to allow them to live in an optimal way.

White wines reveal aromas connected to the transformation of the chlorophyll and xanthophyll into scents of ripe fruit, thanks also to the high temperature. At the same time, they present a good acidity encouraged by the wide temperature range of the summer. Depth and refinement, a perfect marriage.

Prosecco and Rosé present a clear and strong fragrance with fresh scents of green apple, pear, almond and acacia flowers. On the palate they are crunchy, sapid and fresh.

Red wines show more sugar accumulations than usual, which exalts the tasting and smell richness conferred by the presence of clay in the soil of our vineyards. The result are elegant and harmonic wines, rich in structure, with complex and long aging aromas.

We are sure that the harvest 2017 set aside a lot of satisfactions, a vintage to be remembered!