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“Harvest 2019 has given us a production of excellent wines, even if the quantity was lower than what was expected”, affirms with satisfaction Alessandro De Stefani.

Winter had the minimum temperatures slightly higher than normal, about 2°C, whereas precipitations were lower than average. Moreover after mild March and April, in May there was a big hit of Siberian cold, abundant rains and wide temperature changes that slowed down the vegetative development of the vines. Flowering was delayed by 10 days and the result of this weather caused important flower aborts with consequent fewer number of berries in the cluster. Summer was dry and hot, mitigated by small rains that contributed to have nice changes of temperature between day and night. The hydric reserves of the soil guaranteed a regular vegetative growth of the vines, with an ideal healthiness of the grapes, that were of magnificent quality, without the pressure of fungus attacks.

Harvest started 10 days later compared to 2018, going back to a traditional timing with better accumulation of aromatic substances and polyphenols in the grapes. 

We have registered a decrease in production by 15-20% compared to the average of the last 5 vintages.

“The organic management of the vineyards continues, utilizing ecological strategies and absence of herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers and insecticides. The absence of chemicals in the vineyard, the improvement of the vitality of the soil and the purity of the air, allowed the vines to have perfect strength and balance” says the producer Alessandro De Stefani. 

The Prosecco and Rosè present a balanced aroma and fresh notes at the nose. In fact the precipitations of August, even if they were not intense, favoured wide changes of temperature, beneficial for a slow but constant ripening of the grapes, with a natural content of acidity and an optimal aromatic spectrum.

White wines present a sapidity over the average with a slightly lower alcohol content. The grapes ripened slowly, the accumulation of flavors and the acidity were perfect, due to fresh nights and never too hot days. Consequently the wines highlight ideal organoleptic features, a clean and fruity nose and a strong varietal identity. 

Red wines demonstrate the grapes had an excellent ratio between sugars and acids, with interesting and intense aromatic characteristics. Thanks to a perfect weather in September and October, they present vivid and bright colors, a balanced alcohol content and a good structure, supported by a relevant presence of antocians and tannins. Important red wines to age well for a long time are then expected. 

2019 harvest has been excellent!