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Fairytale quality, enveloping aroma, the cellar is full of fragrance” satisfied of the vintage Alessandro De Stefani.

This year the climate and meteor was unusual, but favorable to the vine, allowing a more rational growth cycle, with a maturity diluted over time which led to the development of richer and balanced berries.
After a very mild autumn, the warmest of the last 25 years, the winter began with a sharp drop in temperatures lower than normal. January, February and March were characterized by high rainfall. Even in spring and early summer rainfall was plentiful creating precious reserves in the ground. The maturation, unlike the past few years, has been gradual, distributed in a fair amount of time.

In the Le Ronche and Pra ' Longo estates summer days were hot and sunny, but also quite windy, so the ripening of the grapes was perfect. The warm last days of August and early September with cool evenings have created optimal conditions for the proper ripening of the bunches, the development of aroma and growth of sugars.

The same trend as in the previous in the Colvendrame estate but with more rains at the end of August (50-70 mm gradually distributed) and temperature changes that have enhanced the flavours of the wine.

The vintage 2013 recorded an output quantitatively in the average of the last 5 years.

Sparkling wines present a good aroma profile and an interesting acid framework, with good results regarding the sugar content.

The white wines are characterized by an extraordinary freshness and acidity, thanks to this climate from the antique flavor, such as 30 or 40 years ago, with less warm but with extreme temperature changes. A season ideal for whites, thanks to the delayed harvest by a few days compared to previous years which has provided more substances, flavors and fragrances to the berries.

The red wines have a remarkable concentration of polyphenolic substances, of rare roundness and smoothness, thanks to the slow ripening of the grapes.
Precondition for a beautiful and dynamic balance between the parts of the wine, surprising tannins, with a pleasant harmonious result.

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