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Decrease in the quantity produced, but extraordinary quality of the grapes, these are the features of the 2011 vintage. 
The mild winter and the early start of the spring stimulated an early budding and all the subsequent phenological stages of the vines. 
In the Le Ronche and Pra’ Longo estates from April till June quite high temperatures and an extremely low quantity of rain have been recorded. 
The cooler temperature and the rainy period of July have brought back to a good natural balance to the vines. 
However the real revelation have been the months of August, September and October, very hot, dry and with a wide difference of temperature between the day and the night. All these factors have been crucial for an optimal ripening of the grapes. 

In the Colvendrame estate we have recorded generally the same characteristics with the only difference that there rain falls have been more regular in time and abundant throughout the summer, indispensable for the grapes Glera (Prosecco) and Chardonnay – Pinot Noir (Tombola di Pin), in order to maintain a good organoleptic freshness and an intense aromaticity of the sparkling wines produced there. 

The dates of the harvest of our cru, single vineyard wines obtained 
without blending together grapes coming from different sites, 
have been the following: 

- Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes for the Tombola di Pin have been picked on the 19th August; 
- Tocai and Sauvignon blanc grapes for the Olmera have been harvested on the 20th August; 
- the Refosco grapes for the Kreda have been picked on the 10th September; 
- the grapes for the Terre Nobili have been harvested on the 30th September; 
- the Marzemino grapes for the Stèfen 1624 and for the Refrontolo Passito have been harvested on the 8th September; 
- for the Malanotte on the 13th October we have harvested the Raboso Piave grapes to undergo the drying process and on the 18th October the grapes for immediate vinification have been picked. 

The vintage 2011 recorded a 20% decrease in quantity compared to the average of the last 5 years. 

The white and sparkling wines unite body and structure to the freshness in the mouth and the fruity nose. The presence of all these features in a white wine can be found only in very rare vintages. In 2011 it has been possible thanks to the hot and dry season with a low yield, that have given body to the wines. Our choice to harvest very early (the start was on the 17th August) allowed to maintain the acidity and the aroma of the grapes. 

The red wines are extremely full bodied and the slight overripening of the grapes, achieved thanks to the wonderful weather of September and October, smoothened the tannins giving great balance and velvety sensations on the palate.

Decrease in the quantity produced, but extraordinary quality of the grapes, these are the features of the 2011 vintage. 

Le Ronche Estate in Fossalta di Piave