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Harvest 2012

Lower yield and great quality! 
Healthy grapes, with outstanding sugar levels and good acidity. 

The winter has been particularly dry, not very cold, but enough long, so that the state of the vegetative growth occurred later than usual. 

In the Le Ronche and Pra ’Longo estates in the spring and in the summer occurred heat waves and droughts. The deep roots of our old vines able to find water and nutrients in the soil, the careful toppings managed to minimize transpiration and the low yield of grapes, which required less water supplies, protected the vines from the drought, leading healthy grapes and vines in good vigor. 

In the Colvendrame estate we found in general the same features with the only difference that a few scattered rain in July and the cool nights of the last days have favored the development of a wide aroma and the maintenance of the acidity of the grapes, allowing the plants to work well during the hottest summer weeks, favorable status for grapes Glera (Prosecco) and Chardonnay - Pinot Noir (Tombola Pin), to ensure freshness and fruitness on the sparkling wines produced here. 

The vintage 2012 recorded a 10% decrease in quantity 
compared to the average of the last 5 years (-15% white grapes and 
-5% red grapes). 

In the sparkling wines can be perceived flowers and luscious, fresh, creamy, crunchy, heady fruits. The result are wines of great structure and large weaving, that caress the palate with dynamic balance. 

The white wines have a rich aroma reminiscent of ripe tropical fruit. Intense color, powerful intensity and rich in aroma. The taste is fruity and balanced, with a good freshness and a pleasant finish. 

The red wines are smooth with more thick tannins, not aggressive, round and have a lower alcohol content. The grapes were very healthy and open, the berries homogeneous, with a perfect phenolic maturity. 

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Brochure Harvest 2012

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