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Harvest 2008

After an early vintage like the last year, in the 2008 the vegetative calendar of the vines has come back to the normality.

Passed a winter with characteristics on the average in terms of rain and temperature, the growing season of the vineyard has had a thrilling beginning, with heavy, constant and threatening rains.
That was positive for the sprouting of the vines, period in which they need much water, but difficult for their health with the risk of fungus attacks to the leaves. 
Only a proper and ready management of the vineyard, allowed us to control this delicate situation.
The summer, then, was with average temperature and rain, making the optimal ripening of the grapes easier.
The harvest started later than last year, taking the picking calendar back to the traditional period, which normally goes from the end of August to the end of October.
The following are the dates in which we started the harvest of our Cru, wines produced from a single vineyard:
- for the Tombola di Pin, the Pinot Noir was harvested the 28th of August, the Chardonnay the 4th of September and the Prosecco the 16th of September;
- for the Olmera, the Sauvignon blanc was harvested the 3rd of September and the Tocai the 15th of September;
- for the Kreda, the Refosco dal peduncolo rosso was picked the 18th of September;
- for the Terre Nobili, the Refosco was harvested the 18th of September, the Merlot the 29th of September and the Cabernet Sauvignon the 30th of September;
- for the Stèfen 1624 and for the Refrontolo Passito, the Marzemino was picked the 24th and the 25th of September.   

Our total yield was 30% less than the average of the last years and this has for sure improved the quality and the organoleptic richness of the grapes.

Concerning the white wines, the wide change of temperature between the day and the night has preserved the ph (acidity) around ideal values and allowed a high sugar production in the plants, with a development of floral and fresh fruit aroma, optimal for white and sparkling wines.

Concerning the red wines, the late harvest determined a complete ripening of the antocians and the tannins of the grapes, which give the wine the colour and the structure, obtaining smooth and velvety red wines.

A four star vintage!

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