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Prosecco frizzante

It is the classic version of Prosecco, which combines the aromatic quality of the grapes with the exciting flavours of its fine bubbles. In the mouth it is soft and dry at the same time, thanks to its freshness. It matches very well several foods. Thanks to its typical fruity and floral notes, for the smooth bubbles and the delicate taste.

Alcohol content
11% by vol.
Tasting Characteristics
light straw yellow colour, with greenish hues, fruity bouquet with intense scents of apple with a flowery finish, medium body, fresh, smooth, slightly sparkling.
Food Matching
ideal as an aperitif, throughout the meal and in any occasion that requires a toast.
Pra' Longo Estate
The Pra’ Longo estate in Monastier di Treviso is located at 2 km from the Le Ronche estate in Fossalta di Piave. “Pra’ Longo” represents a particular area of the village Monastier, which takes the name from the important monastery which was there in the past times. It is in the Piave D.O.C. wines area. Piave is the name of an important river which goes through most of the eastern part of Veneto. During millennium it has left its sediments and originated this soil, particularly vocated t [...] Read more

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