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Three Aces for the De Stefani wines

We are very proud to share with you the great results of our three Grand Cru Red wines, tasted by Luca Maroni, sensory analyst of wine, who appreciated “the ability to vinify with great cleanliness and with full respect for the native aromas that leads to exceptional olfactory results”.

Our flagship wine, Stefen 1624 2017, is confirmed as one of the best red wines with its persistency and great aromas that last for a long time. It was awarded not only BEST MARZEMINO OF ITALY, but also THIRD BEST RED WINE OF ITALY with 96 points.

Second Ace, with its “wonderful spicy currant” is our KREDA 2019, evaluated with a pleasantness index of 95 points resulting in the BEST REFOSCO OF ITALY.

Third Ace, but always an excellence, is Malanotte DOCG 2017, evaluated with a pleasantness index of 94 points and thus resulted in the BEST RABOSO OF ITALY.