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The Le Ronche estate is located in Veneto, east of Treviso and north-east of Venice. The name Le Ronche represents an area of the village of Fossalta di Piave and comes from the local verb "roncare", which means to till and cultivate a field. 

Le Ronche were pieces of land with woods that, for the particular quality and structure of the soil, were cultivated mainly with vines, thanks to the excellent quality features of the grapes produced.

It is in the Piave D.O.C. wines area. Piave is the name of an important river which goes through most of the eastern part of Veneto. During millennium it has left its sediments and originated this soil, particularly vocated to vine growing.

This estate is located at about 40 km from the mountains, at 10 km from the sea and at few hundred metres from the river Piave. This special location originates particular winds, wide changes of temperature from day to night and a microclimate ideal for obtaining wines with a high tasting profile. The soil is very rich in clay, which gives a perfect balance to the vines and produces complex and important wines. In the sixties the De Stefani family selected the site where wines with a high personality and with a deep territorial identity could be produced and the traditional varieties of this area have been planted.