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Biscotti Veneziani

Born from the passion for quality of De Stefani and the cooking experience of Chiara, Alessandro De Stefani’s wife, this new culinary product, Venetian biscuits, are made following the precious recipe of Chiara’s Venetian grandmother.
At the beginning, this kind of biscuits were made to celebrate special occasions, such as weddings and parties. Each family had its own secret recipe, closely passed down from mother to daughter. Actively involved in promoting traditional receipt through her broadcast Chiara’s Kitchen & Alessandro’s Cellar, Chiara is presenting you these typical Venetian biscuits, made from simple and unique recipes. The true magic of these biscuits is in the combination of the ingredients and in the ability to cook them, resulting in a crunchy outside and a soft and crumbly inside, that is what makes them irresistible.
The 250 g package contains a sweet selection of: Essi, Buranelli with chocolate, Rughe, Peverini, Bussolai and Buranelli with almonds.
They pair well with a glass of wine or a coffee but are also delicious on their own. Each of the biscuits represent the history of a Venetian family or the heartwarming feeling of long-standing family tradition.
Here are some pairing ideas:
Essi, Bussolai together with De Stefani Prosecco. The freshness and sparkliness of the De Stefani Prosecco pleasantly contrast with the sweetness and vanilla notes of the biscuits.
Peverini, Rughe, Buranelli together with De Stefani Refrontolo Passito. The fruity and chocolate notes of the De Stefani Refrontolo Passito perfectly match the roasted aroma and the richness of taste of the biscuits.