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Refrontolo passito - single vineyard

Refrontolo passito - single vineyard


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Grapes: Marzemino
Historical Notes: in Refrontolo, a UNESCO Wold Heritage site, the production of this wine has a tradition that dates back to 1400. This wine was drunk by mothers after the birth of their sons, because of its recovering features. The Marzemino Passito from Refrontolo impressed also Mozart, who even mentioned it in his opera Don Giovanni in this way: "that excellent Marzemino". In fact he received this wine from Mr. Da Ponte from Vittorio Veneto (a town near Refrontolo), who was Mozart's copyist.
Alcohol content: 13-15% by vol. (it depends on the vintage)
Tasting Characteristics: very deep ruby colour, with violet hues, intense scents of ripe wild fruit and of violet, full body, with clear notes of ripe cherry and blackberry; it has a pleasant sweetness.
Food Matching: perfect with chocolate, fruit cakes, seasoned cheeses or alone as a meditation wine.