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2 glasses Gambero Rosso

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“Solèr” is a word of the Venetian dialect and means loft, barn. Historically it was used by the grapes grower to dry their best grapes. From this old tradition part of the grapes are naturally dried, resulting in a great smoothness with liquorice notes.

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Refosco and Marzemino
Historical Notes
"Solèr" is a word of the Venetian dialect and means the top floor of a rural house: a loft, a barn. Historically it was used by the grape growers to dry their best grapes, since in the "solèr" there is a good ventilation, a low humidity and it is sunny. In fact the word "solèr" comes from "sole", which is sun in Italian, that contributes to dry the grapes.
Alcohol content
13-14,5% by vol. (it depends on the vintage)
Tasting Characteristics
deep ruby colour, intense scents of ripe fruit, prunes, violet, with ethereal and spicy notes; full body, very important structure, with layers of silky tannins and a complex bouquet.
Food Matching
excellent with stuffed fresh pasta, grilled meat and salumi.
Le Ronche Estate
The Le Ronche estate is located in Veneto, east of Treviso and north-east of Venice. The name Le Ronche represents an area of the village of Fossalta di Piave and comes from the local verb "roncare", which means to till and cultivate a field.  Le Ronche were pieces of land with woods that, for the particular quality and structure of the soil, were cultivated mainly with vines, thanks to the excellent quality features of the grapes produced. It is in the Piave D.O.C. wines area. Piave is t [...] Read more

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